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(4) Angus Heifer bulls, 12-16 months old, AI sired by LD Emblazon 316, (4) Angus/Charolais black and gray bulls, 15-25 months, gentle, fertility tested, 580-799-0426

Registered 16 Mo. Old Black Angus Bulls Bulls have been parent verified and have genomic enhanced EPDS, bulls are out of ET, AI, and herd bulls. Low birth to great yearling spread, very gentle and good disposition. Bulls have passed a breeding sounds exam and are up to date on shots. Located in Omega, OK call /text for pictures or videos of the bulls. 405-880-2564.

Registered black Angus bulls, 18 to 30-months-old, AI Sires, Mark McPhail, 580-480-5131

Age Advantage Bulls for sale - Angus and Sim-Angus, 405-574-4915


Registered black Angus bulls, 18 to 30-months-old, AI Sires, Mark McPhail, 580-480-5131


Gelbvieh & Balancer bulls, yearlings and 2yr olds, Ringwood OK, call Gerald 580-541-4787.

1/2 black Angus/1/2 black Limousin bulls, good disposition, guaranteed fertility, 2 years and younger, Tim Kilhoffer, 580-515-9894.

Black, polled Limousin bulls, good disposition, guaranteed fertility, 2 years and younger, Tim Kilhoffer, 580-515-9894.

We buy crippled cows, bulls, steers and heifers need to weigh at least 400lbs and be able to get in a gooseneck, and certain bad eyed cows and bulls, 580-339-4362.

Registered Red Angus yearling bulls for sale, vet tested and ready to go, 3-D Cattle Co. text or call 580-445-5845 for more info.

SOLD OUT Registered Angus bulls, service age, fertility tested, gentle, raising registered black Angus cattle since 1973, Ed Wilson, Hollis, 580-739-1012.

Simmental and Sim-Angus bulls, 1/2 bloods to purebred, shots, wormed, semen checked, sired by AI'd leading sires - Gar Ashland, Nine Mile Franchise, Ruby's Hitman, WC Bankroll, Hook's Beacon. Solid black and black baldies, 405-542-7842, Hinton

For Sale: Horned Hereford Bulls, Coming 2 yrs old, been fertility tested, Seiling, Ok, Contact Jay Ladd 580-922-1953 or Rhonda Ladd 580-922-1961.

4 Registered Angus bulls 20 months old for sale. Vet Tested. EPDs for low birthweight for heifer breeding and high weaning and yearling weight, gentle handling, $3500-$4000 each, Call or text Dean Taylor 580-819-3940.

Registered AMERICAN ANGUS BULLS, DOB 8/1/22 $3500, DOB. 4/15/23. $2500, Game Creek Angus Ranch, 405-845-5621.

30 1st calf Angus heifer pairs, January calves, excellent disposition, $3,800/pair, 580-829-3156.

Hereford bulls for sale Baldy calves are topping local sales sired by our polled / horned Hereford bulls, Hybrid vigor adds $30-$50/head, call 580-661-1146.

Red and Black Angus bulls, 16-18 months old, easy calving, great disposition, out of registered stalk, tested, call Marty 580-336-7666 or 405-368-1950.

Ultra black (Brangus/Angus Cross) 16-17 months old, fully vaccinated, fertility tested, gentle, $2,500 each, 580-216-0521

Simm-Angus bulls for sale, Kelley Gwartney, 580-497-7303.

50 first calve Black Angus heifer pairs, Finks genetics, home raised, Frymire Farms, 580-303-8663.

Black Balancer and Angus bulls for sale, bulls are 14-16 mo., all polled and current on shots, lbw and high yearling weights, out of excellent genetics, Frymire Farms, 580-303-8663.

Registered Gelbvieh bulls service age, fertility tested; Registered Gelbvieh heifers, 12-14 months old, Gallaway Gelbvieh, 405-742-0774, Mulhall OK.

34 fancy black 3-5 year old cows all from one place: 7 red cows on them., 5-7 months bred, front end set, 580-729-6849.

Longhorn bull, excellent pedigree, big horns, gentle, registered, $35,000; cows available also, 479-567-3425.

5 Black Angus heifer pairs, very gentle, home raised, 580-660-1134.

Limousin / Angus bulls, black and polled 8-13-months-old, grandsons of champion Lim/Flex Bull, vaccinated & dewormed, El Reno, 405-219-9101.

25 black and black-white-faced pairs, 4s and 5s, bigger calves, 580-774-8445.

15 Red Angus pairs, big calves, 580-774-8445.

12 black and black-white-faced, 2- and 3-year-old pairs, big calves, 580-774-8445.

5 Char Smokey pairs, 5- and 6-years, bigger calves, 580-774-8445.

2E Cattle, Registered Red Angus Bulls for private treaty, Sires include Leland Marksman, 9 Mile Enterprise, 5L Independence & more, GGP & DNA tested, BSE tested, Bryant at 406-200-5267.

20 black first calf heifer pairs, $3,700, 580-821-6567.

Farm-raised, Healthy Red Angus X Hereford butcher steer; weighed 500 lbs April 1st; Pure beef; $1350, 405-313-5355.

20 outstanding Black Angus bulls, (bold) 16-18 months old. Thick and deep-bodied bulls with excellent eye appeal. Will make fast-growing and easy-keeping offspring. John Mollet 580-243-7620.


Gelbvieh & Balancer bulls, yearlings and 2yr olds, Ringwood OK, call Gerald 580-541-4787.


BULLS FOR SALE, Gelbvieh & Balancer (Angus x Gelbvieh), black or red, gentle, tested,, 580-922-5629.

Commercial Black Angus bulls, sons of the top EPD bulls in the Angus breed, low birth weight, tremendous weening and yearling weight growth, fertility tested, wormed and shots up to date, Seyler/Roach Angus Cattle, Call Sandy 580-614-1150, Greenfield, OK.

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