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Looking for hay and feed for your livestock? Check out our hay/feed category! The Penny News offers a variety of options from local farmers and feed stores in Western Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle. Whether you need hay bales for your horses or feed for your cattle, we've got you covered. Browse our classified ads to find the best deals on high-quality hay and feed. Don't miss out on this opportunity to keep your animals healthy and happy!

Large Round Bales of Wheat Hay, net wrapped, excellent quality, average bale weighs approx. 1,500 lbs, no grain, not rained on, 2023 crop, $85/bale, Okeene, 580-614-1235.


Midland 99 Bermudagrass small square bales horse quality hay. Weed-free, sticker-free, heavily fertilized. Put up right with no rain and stored in the barn on pallets. We bundle our small bales in 21 bale bundles, $300 cash each, puts them at $14.28 per bale, bales average 53 lbs 405-630-8710.

Two Bar W Farms- 21 bale bundles-Teff, Bermuda, Alfalfa Round silage Bales- Alfalfa, Barley, Wheat, Dry Round Bales- Wheat Straw, Barley, Call Kelly 580-819-0664, Jack 580-819-0343

200 round bale of Rye and Crabgrass hay, $70/bale, 580-821-4965.

Large round bales of Midland 99 and Rye mix, $65/bale, Eakley area, 405-929-0838

Hay For Sale: Still have love grass hay. 4x5 round bales. Good clean hay. $45 per bale. Can load. Located NW of Vici. Call 580.799.2596. If no answer leave message.

Round bales Native grass hay, 6x5, black net wrapped, $60/bale, call or text 580-938-0105.

4 semi loads of wheat crabgrass hay, $55/bale, 1350 lbs average weight, 1 semi load of wheat rye hay, $50/bale, 405-590-8897, leave message.

5x5.5 round bales of Oat hay; Wheat hay/Crabb grass, $55/bale; 3rd cutting Alfalfa, $125/bale, 405-420-7841

Large round bales of good Bermuda grass hay for sale 1400lbs+. One hundred fifty pounds anhydrous ammonia sprayed twice for weeds, $120 per bale for first cutting, $100 per bale for second cutting. Good horse hay. Hauling available. Burns Flat, Oklahoma 580-821-1258

Large round bales fertilized Bermuda hay, $80, 10 bale minimum, Burns Flat, 623-694-1122.

Good quality prairie hay, 5x6 round net wrapped bales: Sudan hay fine stem, lots of leaves, 5x6 net wrapped round bales, 620-845-4168.

Large round bales Blue Stem hay, clean/ fertilized, protein sample 6.5%, $70/bale, call/text 405-368-6662, Loyal, OK

Large round net wrapped prairie hay, 5'x5'6" , excellent quality, Enid area, 580-370-1982.

Bermuda Hay For Sale, 70lbs of N applied, 1400-1500lb, net wrapped, no rain, $65/bale. 580-829-3153.

Alfalfa and wheat mixed hay, 5x5 round bales, $150/bale, 580-821-6617.

Large rounds Sudan Rye and Bermuda, King Farms, 405-545-0690.

150 bales Red River Crabgrass, 1350lbs, $55, 950lbs, $45, 39 bales rained on $25, pasture blend, 950 lbs, $40, loader available, Okeene, 580-822-5248.

Round bales of Bluestem hay, sprayed for weeds, fertilized, $45/bale, 580-331-9989.

Round hay bales, Alfalfa, Midland 99, Wheat, Crabgrass/Fox tail mix, Cordell area, 580-774-9226.

Alfalfa hay (BOLD) 800 ton grinding hay, 400 ton of cow hay, some premium hay, round bales, 580-922-1315

Large round bales 5x6 Bermuda grass hay, sprayed/fertilized, $60/bale, Perry, OK, 580-336-7023.

Excellent Midland99 Bermuda grass horse hay, 21 bale bundles, $10/bale, 580-574-5375.

Cattle lick tubs buy wholesale & save money!! 28% protein tubs ALL natural, 200 pounds, $115/tub. Henderson Feeds, LLC, 580-574-5375.


Premium quality plains bluestem grass hay. Large round bales 65” tall, no rain before being baled in June 2023. $65 each. 150 bales available Call or text 580-819-3940.

Very good clean round bales of Bermuda grass hay. $100/bale, 580-512-7899.

245 round bales of mega green haygrazer, $50/bale, local pickup outside of Foss, can load, 580-515-1509

Large round bales of wheat hay, $55 each, 405-919-1411.

Midland Bermuda grass with some Johnson grass, $55/bale, Eakley area, 405-929-0838.

4 semi loads of wheat crabgrass hay, $55/bale, 1350 lbs average weight, 1 semi load of wheat rye hay, $50/bale, 405-590-8897, leave message.

Large good clean round bales of bermuda grass hay,$95/bale, ]triticale and rye hay $75/bale. bermuda grass plains bluestem mix $75/bale. delivery available.580-729-1034.

400+ round bales Bluestem hay, fertilized & sprayed, square bales of blue stem hay, Earl Warner, 580-471-4832.

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